IBM Verify is a free app-based security solution that lets VIDAPAY dealers verify and authorize any of their users’ 2FA requests via one streamlined platform.

Walkthrough Video

Watch this short video for more information on how to use the IBM Verify app on VIDAPAY.

Download Instructions

Step 1: Get started with IBM Verify on VIDAPAY

Sign into VIDAPAY, click "My Account,” then select "Security Settings." Confirm your identity, then click "Code Destinations."

Step 2: Add the IBM Verify app to the user’s Code Destination list

Locate the user you want to set up with IBM Verify, then click "Change." Within the user’s preferences, click "Add an Authenticator App."

Step 3: Download the IBM Verify app on your device

Click “Next” to reach the IBM Verify download screen. You may download the app using the App Store or Google Play store, or you may send a download link directly to your smartphone or tablet.

To send the download link to your device, click “Send me a link to download the IBM Verify app,” then enter your phone number or email address and click "Send Link." You should receive the download link via text or email. Use the link to download the app on your device.

Step 4: Connect to an IBM account

Once you’ve downloaded the IBM Verify app on your device, click “Next” to reach the QR code screen on your VIDAPAY portal. Open the app, tap "Connect an Account," and scan the QR code on your VIDAPAY portal. Tap "Got it!" on the app to finish connecting your account (depending on your device, you may be asked to enable Face ID or Touch ID).

Click "Save Device" on your VIDAPAY portal to verify the account, then click "Finish." The user’s preferred 2FA destination will automatically be updated to IBM Verify.

Step 5: Review your IBM Verify security settings

The easiest way to test out IBM Verify is to set it up for yourself, then click "Security Settings" on your VIDAPAY portal to verify your identity. An authentication request will be sent to your device. Take a look at the "Request Info" and familiarize yourself with the details listed in the request. That way, you'll know what to look for when you receive requests in the future.

Congratulations! You can now authorize the user’s VIDAPAY 2FA requests
from your device using the IBM Verify app. Whenever they need to complete a 2FA,
an authorization request will be sent to your IBM Verify app.

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