Welcome to VIDAPAY!

Just a few more steps and you'll be ready to start making more, with prepaid.

Step 1:
Log In to VIDAPAY:

Before you can log in to your new VIDAPAY account, you’ll need to create a password using our password reset flow. Navigate to www.vidapay.com and select "Forgot your password?".

Enter your account ID, username, and the email address that is on file with your account, then click "Send Reset Link."

We’ll send a password reset link to your email. Once you’ve received the link, you’ll be able to create a new password and then log in to your VIDAPAY account.

Step 2:
Order Handsets:

Now that you’re successfully logged in, you’ll be able to order handsets straight from the VIDAPAY portal.

To view our full selection of handsets, log in to your account, and click on the "Branded Handsets" icon. From here you will see a list of all available products, and you can click the drop down arrow to get more information.

When you find handsets you want to purchase, just enter a quantity, and then “Review Order” when you're ready to check out. The tracking information will be on the order receipt.